I scored some cool frames at Michael’s on sale for $5.  They were kind of cheesy, so I decided to paint them gold and cover cardboard in shiny red fabric covered in black lace.  My opinion is that a little cheesy is bad, but very cheesy is cool.  I’m always asking my kids, “what do you think, does it come full circle back to cool yet?”  They usually shrug and answer “I don’t know”  For some reason I still ask them all the time anyway.  I also re purposed a cheesy Halloween candelabra as an earring holder.  I will be setting up a jewelry display on Saturday at the Chasis Dyno Day.   Hopefully I will make some good sales and good connections.  I will post a picture of how cool the display will be.



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4 Responses to Chasis Dyno Day

  1. You are so cute! I love all of your things! I am monvig to Virginia and need some fun furniture pieces. So glad to have found you. I’ll definitely be seeing you in Lucketts in May!Jenni B

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